• Promax:

PROMAX was founded in 1963 in Barcelona. The company's firsts developments included instruments to generate television and radio signals and analyzers to check the reception quality.

Today, PROMAX is a leading company in providing test and measurement solutions worldwide to support the information technology revolution.


Promax Key Products:

  • Field strength meters for TV, Cable and Satellite
  • Optical fibre equipment
  • PLC (PowerLine Communications)
  • igital To TV (DTTV) headend igital To TV (DTTV) headendDigital to TV (DTTV) Head Ends
  • TV pattern generators
  • Test and measurement                                                                                          







ENENSYS Test Systems is the ENENSYS division dedicated to Digital TV Test & Monitoring Equipment. This division develops the finest test & monitoring equipment for broadcast professionals. ENENSYS Test Systems positions itself at the forefront of new technologies.


ENENSYS Key Products:

  • Stream Generator
  • Modulator / RF Generator
  • Analyzer / Recorder
  • Monitoring Probe
  • Low Power Amplifier
  • Interface converter                                                                                                 








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