BLANKOM Digital GmbH is a leading specialist for high quality and technically advanced equipment

for broadcast applications, Cable TV, Video over IP and IPTV solutions.


BLANKOM Digital Key Products:   

  • IP TV total Solutions
  • Integrated Receiver Decoders
  • Multi Stream Processor



  • RF Design:

RF-Design is your partner for any of your RF equipment and RF-distribution needs. RF-Design is specialized in developing manufacturing and marketing professional RF distribution solutions for the international Satellite- and Broadband communications industry.


RF-Design Key Products:

  • Distribution ( RF Splitters, combiners, Optical LNB)                                                                         
  • Routing and Switching Matrices
  • RF Switching Solutions
  • RF Amplifiers
  • RF Over Fiber Solutions
  • Redundancy Switching Solutions
  • LNB & Antenna Supply, Controlling and Heating Solutions
  • Broadband Monitoring Solutions
  • Passive RF Distribution Solutions



TeamCast designs, makes and sells innovative products and equipment for the wireless communications industry, according to these markets: Digital Terrestrial TV transmission, Mobile TV / TV for the handheld transmission, Digital TV test & measurement, Electronic TV News Gathering (D-ENG) and satellite applications.


TEAMCAST Key Products:                                            

  • DVB-T/T2 Modulator/ Exciter
  • DAB Modulator
  • Signal Analyzer
  • Gate way
  • MIP Inserter
  • DVB-S/S2 Satellite Modulator/Demodulator


  • ATEME:

ATEME  is a global solution provider in advanced video compression for the broadcast and telecom industries. Headquartered in Vélizy near Paris, France.

ATEME operates worldwide through its distribution network and support offices.


ATEME Key Products:                                                                          

  • Contribution Encoders
  • Broadcast Encoders
  • Transcoders
  • IRD s
  • Multiplexers


  • SVS:

SVS Telekom has been established by an experienced team at Satellite Communication area in 1995.

By this time SVS is providing broadcasters, telecom companies and ISPs with mobile and fixed satellite communication equipment, solutions and services.

SVS Telekom offers complete turnkey solutions, engineering designs, maintenance and consultation on all types of communications systems. SVS carry data, voice, video over satellite.


SVS Key Products:                                                                           

  • Satellite Terminals
  • Flyaway systems
  • Wireless systems
  • Smart Wireless Networks



Hengxin is one of the biggest and approved cable manufacturers in China.

Ericsson, NSN, HUAWEI, ZTE and Alcatel are some of HENGXIN known customers.

HENGXIN is also an OEM manufacturer for Spinner, RFS and Huber Suhner brands.


HENGXIN key Products:                                                                                             

  • RF Cables
  • LEAKY Cables
  • High Frequency Cables
  • 75 Ohm Drop Cable
  • 75 Ohm Trunk Cables
  • OPGW Cables
  • Lan Cables


  • PSS:

PSS is Behin Media registered Brand and is a Behin Media designed and assembled Head end series including modular and standalone IRD-Remux systems, Trans-modulators, Multiplexer and ….

PSS products are now using all around the Iran also in some CIS countries and could attract customer’s satisfaction.


PSS Key Products:                                                                                                                                                                                                            

  • IRD s (Modular and Standalone)
  • DVB-T/T2 Transmodulators
  • Multiplexers
  • DVB-T/T2 Receivers ( DRD s)
  • DVB-ASI Active Splitters

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